Wonk and Circumstance: Transportation

This week's episode, transportation, is one that affects people across the world on a daily basis. It is, in many ways, the signature issue of local governments. We have yet to cover a municipal election that didn't have public transit, Uber, road construction, or other issue that deals directly with the commute of residents.

Everyone has a gripe about transportation. But everyone's gripe is different. We dive into a few of the different angles in this episode, ranging from public transportation options in Florida to the expansion of major roads across the country. There was also a lot of talk of self-driving cars, what the future may hold, and what the scope of different ideologies on the issue are.

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Note: This episode is very Dade-centric. Many of the roads and programs referenced are specific to Miami-Dade County. If you live outside of Miami-Dade County, a lot of what we talk about may not make a lot of sense. Consider yourself warned!

Episode Notes

28" - It is mentioned that the Palmetto is a toll road. It is not. The road in the Bird Road area that has a toll is the 874.

30" - As of April 20th, 2016, driver-less cars are legal in Florida for research purposes.

50" - All Aboard Florida is a private venture that receives some government funding. Politifact has a write-up that can be read here.

64" - Here's the applicable Florida helmet laws for motorcycles and bicycles.

Bills Mentioned

SB 178 / HB 6007: Banning of red light cameras in Florida

SB 340 / HB 221: Prevent regulation of ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, by local governments