Wonk and Circumstance: Guns

This week's episode is on a sensitive topic: Guns.

This is a particularly sensitive issue not just in Florida but in the nation as a whole. It's difficult to discuss the topic without emotions running high due to the consequences of action one way or another.

I'm proud of our three panelists - Nick Jimenez, Jordan Sanchez, and Adam Schachner - who did an excellent job discussing this issue with civility and honesty. I hope that it will help you learn more about the topic, whether you have a preferred viewpoint or not. At the very least, I hope that the tenor of conversation is something that can be used as an example.

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Episode Notes

Correction: At the 25:40 mark of the podcast, Nick Jimenez said 2% of gun crimes were committed by people who weren't legal owners of their guns. He meant to say were committed by legal owners of their guns. These stats were specific to Florida.

Gun Bills before the Florida Legislature

SB 128 / HB 245: Shift the burden for a Stand Your Ground defense from the defense to the prosecution.

SB 140: Legalizing Open Carry.

SB 142 / HB 835: Safe Storage of Loaded Firearms.

SB 170: Make concealed weapons in movie theaters unlawful.

SB 254 / HB 167: Banning assault weapons.

SB 610 / HB 819: Liability for damages of businesses that bar concealed weapons.

SB 616: Expand concealed carry to courthouses.

SB 618 / HB 6001: Expand concealed carry to airport terminals, among other areas.

SB 620: Expand concealed carry to legislative meetings.

SB 622 / HB 6005: Expand concealed carry to public college and university campuses.

SB 626: Expand concealed carry to government meetings.

SB 640: Expand concealed carry to career centers.

SB 644: Make open carry legal in all areas where concealed carry is currently legal.

SB 646 / HB 779: Exemption from prosecution for temporary and open display of a firearm.

SB 648: Increase penalties for brandishing a firearm in certain conditions.

SB 908 / HB 803: Would legalize concealed carry in all locations where it is currently banned under state law.

SB 956: Add mental health screening to the concealed carry permitting process.

SB 912 / HB 673: Exempt police officers from the mandatory three day waiting period to purchase a firearm. Is a constitutional amendment, requiring yes votes from 72 House members and 24 Senate members. It would then be placed on the ballot, requiring 60% approval of voters.

HB 809: Expand background checks for purchasing a firearm.